About The Motion Palpation Institute

The Motion Palpation Institute (MPI) is a nonprofit organization that was started in 1981 by Dr. Len Faye and Dr. Maxwell Peterson. Heavily influenced by Dr. Henri Gillet, a brilliant functional Belgium chiropractor, Dr. Faye brought his well -studied and refined functional model to the U.S. after being an instructor at Anglo Europe Chiropractic College (AECC). Dr. Faye’s mission was to create a paradigm shift from the static chiropractic model to a functional chiropractic model, something that was quite controversial and met with great resistance at the time. Under Dr. Faye’s guidance and perseverance, MPI flourished, and the paradigm shift began. MPI went through some changes in leadership but the growth mindset continued. 

MPI has seen a resurgence and a boom in growth under the current MPI leadership consisting of the MPI Board, Dr. Mark King, Dr. Corey Campbell, and Dr. Brett Winchester. The current MPI board and instructors continue to grow and evolve as new evidence, and best practices research emerges.  The mission, however, remains the same, to deliver hands-on classes that will help you become clinically excellent, science-based, and highly competent with your assessment, palpation, and adjusting skills. MPI continues to shift the chiropractic paradigm toward an evidence-informed, integrated, functional model by delivering world-class instruction in the skills and art of motion palpation assessment, functional movement assessment, and modern chiropractic treatment methods involving the two greatest tools mankind has ever known, the brain and the hands. 

It is the mission of MPI to help you become the best palpator and adjustor on the planet. MPI strives to challenge the status quo of protocol-driven technicians by creating a culture of potential-pushing, excellence-driven DC’s that continually seek clinical mastery of their hands and minds so they can serve their patients at the highest levels. MPI strives to help you become the best version of you both clinically and financially. Through our courses, we ultimately hope to inspire our students and doctors to serve and love their patients at the highest levels and leave their communities and the chiropractic profession in a better place than where they found it. We do not promise easy, but we do promise we will fill our classes with the highest levels of hands-on clinical training that you will find. If you are ready to seek clinical mastery, grow as a clinician, and become a servant leader in this profession, then please join us at one of our classes. 

The Motion Palpation Institute