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MPI Masters Series
Mastering Gait with
Mark King, DC
Brett Winchester, DC
Tom Michaud, DC



Marriott St. Louis West
660 Maryville Centre Drive
St. Louis, Missouri 63141
Phone:  314-878-2747 

Date and Time:
November 13-14, 2021
Saturday:  8:30am - 5:00pm 
Sunday:    8:30am - 1:00pm 

Clock Hours:  12.0

On-site registration begins at 8:00am. Please plan to arrive at the conference room no later than 8:15am to help us ensure an on-time start.

The purpose of this program is to prepare chiropractors (and those in training) to perform posture and gait
evaluations as part of a thorough examination. Emphasis will be placed on the interpretation of the evaluation
findings and how to correlate this information with functional movement testing and joint assessments.
Treatment options will be demonstrated. Fundamentals of the different types of footwear and the proper use of
foot orthotics will be discussed.

By the end of the program, the attendee will be able to:

understand the fundamentals and mechanics of human gait

perform and interpret posture and gait evaluations

understand various posture and gait dysfunctions

perform various functional movement tests

palpate and adjust various foot and ankle joints that are commonly impacted by faulty gait mechanics and

understand the fundamentals of different types of footwear and what to recommend

understand the use of foot orthotics and when they should and should not be utilized

Casual and comfortable.

Please bring a portable table and a speeder (toggle) board to the program (if available)

MPI will provide coffee, tea and water during the event. 
Lunch on your own.

Marriott St. Louis West

660 Maryville Centre Drive
St. Louis, Missouri 63141
Phone:  314-878-2747

Complimentary on-site parking.
Complimentary off-site parking.
Hotel has covered parking garage and uncovered parking lot.

Map & Directions

CE credit is typically applied for in the state/province of the program & other select states/provinces. Please inquire at (513) 673-8484 or [email protected] if this program is approved for CE credit in your state or province. Always register a minimum of 2 weeks before your state's or province's CE application deadline (if it is not the state/province of the program) and email [email protected] of your request. If you do not notify us of your CE request with enough lead time before the CE application deadline, there is no guarantee we can obtain CE credit in your state/province for the program. An additional fee may apply depending on the amount of your state's or province's CE application fee.  

Professional Designations and Fees (USD)
For 12.0 Hour Seminars

Doctor of Chiropractic - First time attending this seminar $425
Doctor of Chiropractic - Repeating the same seminar within 5 years $325
Doctor of Chiropractic - Full-time faculty at a chiropractic college, or university $50

Student First Time - Undergraduate chiropractic student enrolled in a doctorate program $325
Student Repeating - Undergraduate chiropractic student enrolled in a doctorate program $225

Student Rep Retired - Alumni chiropractic student who helped promote and facilitate MPI seminars in the past $325

Cancellation Fee - Cancellation fee is $35.00 with written notification to MPI required.

Every attempt is made to offer this program as publicized. However, MPI reserves the right to adjust program dates, location, times, topic(s), instructor, tuition, etc. in order to accommodate for unexpected occurrences and to cancel due to insufficient enrollment. We will only notify advanced registrants of any cancellation or program change(s). MPI is not responsible for any expense incurred by registrants due to adjustments or cancellations (we recommend that you do not purchase non-refundable airline tickets, hotel rooms and/or rental cars associated with MPI programs). A $35 processing fee will be charged per program for any tuition refund request when the registrant provides written notice of cancellation to [email protected] at least one (1) day prior to the program start date.

Tuition is non-refundable or transferable if notice is received on the dates of the program or thereafter. All registrants assume personal responsibility for their personal safety and welfare, while participating in MPI programs. MPI makes no representation either directly or indirectly that the substantive matter being presented is approved or within respective scope of licensing.

Additional Questions? 
Email [email protected]
Phone 513-673-8484


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